Indoor and Outdoor Stadium

Advertisement Board for Indoor Stadium

The Stadium led display is ideal for game promoting, for example, football field, ball court, ice hockey ground and so on it’s an extraordinary advantages for brand acknowledgment with border led display. Intended for indoor and outdoor applications, border led board can carry the greatest openness with fabulous games show.


1: Light-Weight and Slim Cabinet

Soccer Stadium advertisement board is outfitted with magnesium amalgam bureau with 30kg/pc as it were. It is 30% lighter than customary waterproof cabinet. The thickness is assembled with just 120mm. It tends to be fixed, hanging and rental applications for such multifunctional cabinet. Cost and efficient for establishment and transportation.

2: 0-90° Adjustable Supporting Bracket

The cabinet seeing point is between 60-90 degree with high flexibility, border led display can be changed by best survey impact to upgrade watcher’s perceivability.

3: Elastic Module Mask and Protective Top Cover

Football stadium advertisement board is outfitted with elastic module cover. LED could be very much shielded from ball hitting with such plan. Extraordinary interesting delicate top cover configuration could shield players from injury in any event, for body hitting. The plan reasoning of our border led board is to boost the security of staff.

4: Flexible Module Mask and Protective Top Cover

The indoor stadium advertisement board is equipped with versatile module cover. LED could be especially safeguarded from ball hitting with such arrangement. Remarkable fascinating fragile top cover design could protect players from injury regardless, for body hitting. The arrangement thinking of our boundary led board is to support the security of staff.

5: IP65 guard and High illumination

Extraordinary cabinet plan for indoor and outdoor applications, edge led display is completely IP65 waterproof insurance. High toughness for long life expectancy even in unforgiving climate. With brilliance control at day and night, border led board could be 6000-7500nits high splendor.

6: Quick and Effortless Installation

High exactness stadium led display cabinet could be quick gathering and association with 12 seconds. No requirement for proficient technicians and gadgets. Speedy arrangement and simple support with such cabinet plan.