Outdoor Rental Led Display

Led Video Wall

Application place:
Broadly utilized in sports settings, business applications, banks, protections, postal, terminals, shopping centers, stations, postal administrations, media communications, foundations, schools, cafés, lodgings, amusement, organizations and other outdoor scenes
Receive super high-brilliance LED video wall by low force utilization to accomplish application in any outdoor splendor climate;
High revive rate and high dim level, make the LED display more reasonable, meet the high visual quality prerequisites of business use;
Utilizing PFC power supply, so the force supply keeps on being steady;
Display climate observing framework to dominate the activity status of the display;
Convenient or distant constant control of the LED display switch;
Encouraging group of people bunching control capacity can handle the worldwide display screen in one spot, subjectively change the substance you need to play;
The photosensitive control framework, which consequently changes the brilliance of the display as per the difference in outdoor light, saving energy and natural assurance and decreasing working expenses;
Intended for the qualities of the outdoor climate with a dependable degree of security, the whole screen cooling plan, thorough assembling measure empowers long haul stable work.

China Outdoor Rental Led display Manufacturer

There are various LED Screen suppliers and manufacturers in China. There are industrial facilities that are committing to redid all sort of LED screens as your solicitations. On the off chance that you are bringing in from the main maker and provider in China, you are guaranteed you're getting outdoor rental LED display screen incredible quality.

Outdoor Rental Led Display Price

The estimated price of outdoor rental Led Display is about US $84.00-$85.00/ Set.