Small Pixel Pitch Type 2 P1.56

Small Pixel Pitch Type 2 P1.56

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G2 LED小间距

►No seam, super wide viewing angle, uniform brightness, no color deviation.

►The quality of the picture is soft, and you won’t be tired after watching for a long time.

►Super high refresh display, fast frame changing speed, eliminating ghosting and no tailing.

►The maintenance design is more convenient for maintenance and less space for installation.

►16 bit gray processing, color transition is more natural.


Pitch Side LEDAdvertising Hoardings

Pitch Side Advertising Hoardings are an incredible way for sports clubs to create some extra pay from their backers. Patrons will normally pay a premium for Pitch Side Advertising Space as this is the region which gets the most consideration and reach, particularly if the match is being broadcast. The specialists spend significant time in Pitch Side Advertising Boards for Football grounds and other occasion signage, yet we have additionally worked with Rugby and Golf clubs on their center point publicizing.

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